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Horse-Drawn Black Carriage Dream Interpretation

“In my dream, I was riding a tricycle with my three little children on it. It was so hard to peddle uphill but the scenery was so beautiful, the skies were blue, and we were having a nice time. As I struggled to peddle uphill, a man, dressed in black with a tall black hat, drove a black carriage pulled by a black horse. The carriage passed me by going uphill. He seemed very somber which was a contrast to our very happy feeling.

Then, suddenly, the entire carriage, with horse and driver and all, fell over the side of the pier and into the ocean. The horse’s reins pulled me and my little boy into the water. I felt myself getting pulled down, down, down but I found the strength to get to the surface, holding my son in my arms. I placed him on the pier and a male angel dressed in a white robe came, picked him up and took him. I was soaking wet and exceedingly sad.”

This black carriage and black hat-wearing driver is a classic symbol of death. This old-time hearse delivered coffins to cemeteries. His grim demeanor accentuates his role. 

The Symbols

  • Riding a tricycle. Represents making progress on life journey but in a stable yet child-like manner.
  • Peddling uphill. Journey will require effort and labor. Difficulties along the way.
  • Beautiful scenery with blue skies. Pleasant times.
  • Somber man in black with tall black hat driving a black horse-drawn carriage. Classic death symbol. This is the image of an old-fashioned hearse and funeral driver.
  • Falling over pier into ocean. The pier often represents being ready to embark on deeper spiritual journeys but this dreamer falls over the pier being pulled by death and into the ocean which symbolizes emotions.
  • Dreamer and son getting dragged down by reins. Death will drag them down into overwhelming emotions, most likely grief.
  • Lifting son to surface. Dreamer will find the strength to rise above the grief with her son and regain her sense of spiritual foundation.
  • Male angel taking child. Divine aid will take care of the spirit of her child.
  • Dreamer soaking wet. Dreamer will be “drenched” by emotions.

The Interpretation

Dreams have a way of preparing us for impending trauma to help soften life’s blows. This is a tremendous dream that forewarns the dreamer of coming sorrow that can threaten to overwhelm her and her soon-to-be-departed child. Currently, this mother is trying to show her children the joys of life, despite the difficulties and challenges. Soon, however, death will overcome them and both mother and child will be dragged into the depths of sorrow.

The good news is that this dreamer will find the strength to rise above the emotions that nearly drown her by regaining her sense of spirituality. Divine assistance will carry her child to safety while she will be left to cope with her own sadness.

Dream Therapy

In her waking life, this dreamer is facing the coming death of her terminally ill child. She already knows that there is great sorrow just around the corner so I encourage her to do exactly as she did in the beginning of her dream which was to enjoy the beautiful scenery of life with her children while she can. For the immediate time, focus on today when the sky is blue and there are nice times to be had. Then, when the inevitable occurs, take solace in knowing that her little boy will be carried to safety in the arms of an angel. 

I’m sorry that there is nothing that can shield a mother from the tremendous grief that follows the death of a child but be sensitive to his visits that will soften the sorrow as the spirit of her child will appear in her dreams and quiet moments during her waking life.
Carriages take you places but a black horse-drawn carriage driven by a man wearing all black and a tall black hat...classic sign of death.
Piers. They represent the beginning--or end--of a journey. Are you embarking or arriving?
When angels appear in dreams, look for heavenly influences in your waking life.
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